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Macromedia Drumbeat 2000 is a powerful tool for creating web sites with dynamic content. It simplifies certain tasks that otherwise would require hours of tedious hand coding. But its architecture differs from other Macromedia products, so Macromedia replaced it with Dreamweaver UltraDev v 1.0 in June 2000. DB2K is no longer sold, and support will be discontinued in December 2000.

Micromega Systems continues to use Drumbeat 2000 on certain tasks where it remains the best tool for the job. We run private Drumbeat classes by special arrangement (see our syllabus). If you prefer, we can combine Drumbeat 2000 with a database fundamentals class if you need database basics to create dynamic content sites. Contact us for details.

UltraDev Classes for Drumbeat Users
Micromega now offers a special class called UltraDev for Techies. It's for dynamic content web site designers who know database fundamentals. If you took a Drumbeat classes from us, this class is for you. Bonus: nearly all of our instructors have worked with Drumbeat 2000 AND Dreamweaver UltraDev so they can draw comparisons between the old and new products when appropriate. Click here to learn about UltraDev for Techies.

Available classes...

Introduction to Database Concepts

Mastering Drumbeat Fundamentals

Introduction to Database Concepts for Web Site Developers
This one-day, classroom-style class teaches you relational database basics and guides you through the design and construction of a simple database. It will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to integrate a Web site with a database and to communicate effectively with database technicians.

Target Audience
Drumbeat 2000 students who want to integrate a database with their Web sites but lack database experience


  • A firm grasp of personal computer fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge and experience with the Internet and World Wide Web

Helpful, but not Mandatory

  • Experience with any Web site development tool (Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.)

This Course Will Teach You to

  • Understand relational database concepts
  • Design and create a simple desktop database that can be integrated with a Web site using Drumbeat 2000
  • Communicate intelligently with database specialists
  • Recognize the important differences between simple desktop and complex enterprise databases

Next Scheduled Class

May 23, 2000 in San Francisco


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Mastering Drumbeat 2000 Fundamentals

This fast paced suite will jump start you to competency with Drumbeat 2000 in three days.

Intended Audience
Web Designers who want to master Drumbeat 2000 to create dynamic-content ASP or JSP Web sites integrated with databases via ODBC and ADO.


  • A firm grasp of personal computer fundamentals
  • Knowledge of relational database concepts
  • Moderate exposure to the Internet and World Wide Web

Helpful, but not mandatory

  • Previous static page Web site development
  • Active Server Pages Scripting or programming experience
  • Basic knowledge of object orientation

This course will teach you to

  • Build effective web sites (simple to complex) with their content drawn dynamically, without writing a line of scripting code
  • Develop a rudimentary electronic shopping cart application

Next Scheduled Class

May 24-26, 2000 in San Francisco


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